‘He’s not helping much during this struggle’ New York Radio Host Blames Juan Soto for Yankees’ Recent Slump – Pointing Finger at the Nationals’ Star

Slugger Juan Soto of the New York Yankees has had a bit of a cool spell despite having had such a great start to the season. It has been concerning that he is only hitting.194 over the past ten games.

The Bronx Bombers, who are 1 for 7 in July with just one victory, are in Ԁire need of a vacation. The Baltimore Orioles were able to pass them in the division as a result of their collapse.

New York Yankees Slugger Juan Soto

In the Bronx, something has to happen, and it needs to change quickly. Chris McMonigle, a radio personality in New York, blames the team’s current losing streak primarily on Soto’s personal difficulties.

It almost feels like he was there when things were hоt and the team was performing great, but now that the urgency has gone and they are failing and he isn’t helping much during this strugglе. He served as the team’s spark plug, according to McMonigle.

C-Mac wants Soto to make the necessary changes as soon as possible. He issues a challenge to the slugger, asking him to prove to everyone why he deserves the big contract he’s finally chasing.

“Now is the time for Juan Soto to make the case to the Yankees why he”s worth $500 million… now is the time for him to sell us, because they need him desperately,” stated C-Mac.

Soto’s one-year contract means that this season, everything he does will be closely watched. Unless he makes a change, he is not benefiting himself.

Is Juan Soto hurting himself, or are the Yankees losing ground?

New York Yankees - Juan Soto (Image via USA Today)

Some have questioned if Juan Soto’s difficulties are related to his recent ιnjury. He had to miss some time in early June due to soreness in his forearm, and he just damaged his right hand against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Imaging revealed little, but it is obvious that Soto is seriously injured. Sometimes it seems like he’s uncomfortable, especially when he’s holding the bat.

In order to give his body a couple days vacation during the All-Star break, Soto is probably hаnging on. He will still be allowed to recuperate even though he is scheduled to appear in the actual game.

After the ASG, expect Soto to emerge looking like an entirely different player. This season is too significant for him to continue on this downward trajectory.