Marcus Stroman Captures Yankees’ Camaraderie in Polaroid Snap Featuring Aaron Judge, Alex Verdugo, and More

Marcus Stroman inked a two-year, $37 million deal with the New York Yankees prior to the 2024 season. The right-hand pitcher gave tidbits of insight into his time in Yankee Stadium and New York as his first season in the Bronx approaches midway.

Marcus Stroman shares snap of polaroid capturing Yankees camaraderie ft. Aaron Judge, Alex Verdugo and more. Credit: Marcus Stroman/Instagram

Stroman posted a collage of images on Tuesday morning that highlighted his friendship with his teammates and his time wearing the pinstripes. Among them was a Polaroid photo of him with Aaron Judge, Anthony Rizzo, Carlos Rodon, and other superstars from the Yankees.

The other photos he posted featured him wearing pinstripes, his game attire, his trip to the museum, and his post-game ensembles.

With the Yankees, Stroman is enjoying a successful season. After making 18 starts, he is 7-4 with a 3.58 ERA, 1.29 WHIP, and 76 strikeouts. His play has been as expected, with both he and the team aiming for a deep postseason run.

Marcus Stroman screams after the infield is unable to convert a double play and then apologizes.

Marcus Stroman’s emotions were evident in his June 28 start against the Toronto Blue Jays when the Yankees infield failed to turn a double play in the fifth inning.

Stroman justified his outburst after the game, claiming that his competitive drive took over.

Yes, there is a lot of raw emotion that can be seen in this game. stated during the post-match interview.

“You know, I have a lot of passion. Winning is really important to me for this club and this city. Yes, occasionally unfiltered emotion does surface. After the game, I followed up with everyone I needed to check in with. Indeed, as I mentioned earlier, the goal is to succeed and be the best in the field. It can be annoying at times.”

Marcus Stroman remarked that he should have been better and admitted to losing his composure in a subsequent social media tweet.

“Today, the squad lost its mind. Would adore to see it. The game involves passion and raw emotion. When you truly care, your frustrations surface. I’m to blame for losing my composure. I must improve. I genuinely adore our team, and I’ll always give it my all for my brothers. Let’s go on to the next! @Yankees “On X, he posted.

As the Yankees look to win their first World Series since 2009, the team’s chemistry is impressive.