‘The youngest GOAT in the game’ Marcus Stroman Praises 25-Year-Old Phenom Juan Soto on His Well-Deserved Selection to the 2024 All-Star Team

The New York Yankees, led by Juan Soto, had a great start to the season before entering a stark slump. On July 16, the 2024 All-Star game, the team will have three players representing the American League.

Aaron Judge, the captain of the Yankees, is the most apparent choice to start in the Midsummer Classic. Judge verified his choice in Phase 1 of the vote with an AL leading tally.

Yankees Marcus Stroman hypes up 25-year-old rising star Juan Soto on his 2024 All-Star team selection (Getty)

Juan Soto, who joined his skipper on the All-Star squad, is a key player in the Yankees offense this year after joining from the San Diego Padres in the winter.

Starting pitcher for the Yankees Marcus Stroman, who also moved to the Bronx this offseason, praised his teammate highly after Juan Soto received his fourth All-Star selection.

With the comment, “The youngest GOAT in the game,” Stroman shared his photo.

Juan Soto has been selected as an All-Star for four years running; the Padres selected him three times in a row, from 2021 to 2023.

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With a major league-high 76 walks and 21 home runs over 93 hits in 88 games with the Bronx Bombers this season, Soto more than justified his selection for the Glove Life Field, Arlington Midsummer Classic.

Reflecting on playing with Aaron Judge on the All-Star field, Juan SotoThanks to his league-high total of home runs, Aaron Judge has become a clear favorite to win the AL MVP award and is a lock to play in the All-Star game.

The four-time All-Star Juan Soto is thrilled to have the chance to start in the outfield for the big game.

“It feels amazing,” Soto remarked. “He’s a fantastic baseball player and an All-Star. More than willing to let him use the field. It will be even better in an All-Star game now.

In addition, Clay Holmes of the Yankees was revealed by the MLB to be a member of the bullpen for the 2024 All-Star game. Making his second All-Star appearance, Holmes had a stellar season opening 20 games without giving up a run.

After Holmes joined Judge and Soto for the All-Star game, he thought back:

“They have been amazing. We were aware of their abilities and characteristics, but I believe they went above and beyond what was anticipated—it’s not an easy task.”Because of who they are and what they’ve accomplished, you want to take it for granted, but daily preparation and presence are necessary.”

While the Yankees as a team have struggled, Holmes has had a bit of a hard time. Their most recent game, a shutout loss to the Boston Red Sox, handed the series to their bitter rivals.